Microsoft CEO : Satya Nadella gets 66% increment.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has received a tremendous increase this time. The company’s revenue has increased since he took office in 2014.

  • Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft in 2014.
  • According to a recent report, Microsoft’s market capitalization value has exceeded $ 1 trillion.
  • Satya Nadella got a 66% increment this time.

The market capitalization value of giant tech giant Microsoft has exceeded $ 1 trillion. It reveals how Microsoft has worked in the market in the last few years. The company’s success is being credited to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who has died at Microsoft. It seems that Satya Nadella has been rewarded for his work. 

According to a CNBC report, Sathya Nadella’s salary has been increased by 66 percent. In the report, which gave the annual report of Microsoft, it has been said that Nadella’s annual income is $ 490 million (most of it in the form of stock) in the year 2018-19. This amount in Indian rupees is around 350 crores rupees.

Last year, Satya Nadella’s income was close to 250 million dollars. At the same time, in 2017, he earned nearly 200 million dollars. This shows that their income has increased more than double in the last two years. According to the report, by the time Satya Nadella took over the company, Microsoft’s market capitalization was $ 302 billion ($ 302 billion). 

Satya Nadella assumed the position of CEO of Microsoft in 2014. The company reached $ 850 billion on 4 September 2018. According to Microsoft’s report, the company’s revenue has increased by 14 percent. In the information provided by Microsoft, the company has earned $ 125.8 billion in the last financial year. Net income of the company has increased by 137 percent