Possible to grow crops on Mars, Moon for future explorers: Study

It is possible to grow crops on Mars and Moon in future, grow 10 vegetables including tomato-radish

Crops have been grown in the artificial soil and atmosphere of Mars and Moon planets prepared by NASA scientists. Scientists say that after this success, it can be said that crops can also be grown on Mars and Moon planets. Researchers at the University of Wageningen, Netherlands have carried out this work. He has also said that seeds have also been obtained from the crop grown on the soil of Mars and Moon so that a new crop can be made again.

Crops are grown on Mars and Moon

Scientists believe that if human settlements are established on Mars and Moon in the future, then food items will be grown there for them. Like the earth, crops of crops can be re-grown. Scientists said that they cultivated ten different varieties of crops, including haleem, tomato, radish, rye, quinoa, spinach, and peas, etc.

Weiger Weimlink of Wageningen University said, “We were filled with excitement when we saw tomatoes becoming red in the first tomato crop grown in the soil of the artificially created Mars and Moon planets.” This research means that we have moved towards a closed sustainable agricultural ecosystem. Which will prove to be effective in growing crops on other planets in the future?