Trump impeachment : know what will happen next?

Trump impeachment: know what will happen next?

Donald Trump impeached on two counts by House, setting up Senate trial

Donald Trump is the third president in the history of America against whom the motion of impeachment from the House of Representatives (lower house of parliament) has passed. Two motions were introduced in the lower house for impeachment against Trump. In the first, he was accused of abuse of power while in the second he was accused of obstructing the work of Parliament on the issue of impeachment. The first proposal was passed by 230 votes against 197 and the second by 198 with 229 votes. Let us know what will happen next in this matter.

The motion for impeachment against President Trump will now be brought to the Senate (Upper House). Trump has a majority of the Republican Party in the Senate. The Republican Party has 53 MPs in the Senate with 100 seats while the anti-Democrat Party has 47 MPs. According to a report by the news agency Reuters, Democrats will need a two-thirds majority to displace Trump, which he does not have. The impeachment motion in the Senate will be approved only when 67 MPs vote against Trump. This will be possible only after the rebellion of 20 MPs by Trump’s party Republican. At the moment, it is not feared.

In the US, the first month of the new year in the first January, there may be unexpected political stirring. This will be the time when the trial against Trump begins in the Senate. If more than two-thirds of the vote in the Senate, ie 67 percent, is voted in the Senate, Trump may have to resign his post. According to the news agency Reuters, the trial will be held under the chairmanship of US Chief Justice John Roberts. This hearing will run six days a week. The Senate lasts for six weeks.