Fashion Industry Trends and UpdatesFashion Industry Trends and Updates

A lot has happened in the past two years and much of this has to do with the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Almost every industry has been impacted, big or small. The fashion industry has been no exception and its current trends appear to have borrowed heavily from last year’s experiences. The industry has face innumerable challenges just like the hospitality or travel industry. Here are some of the interesting trends and updates which fashion conscious individuals should know of:

  • The previous year has witnessed quite a hullabaloo over men’s fashionwear. The trend was to break the gender stereotype and counter toxic masculinity. This cause was supported by celebrities worldwide who tried to spread the message through pop culture and fashion trends.
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  • With the last year’s pandemic having thrown everyone’s life out of gear, consumers started to opt for practicality in fashionwear. Fast fashion seems to be the rage now with volumes increasing by almost 84.6% compared to the year before. The main driving force behind fast fashion was the desire to look both sporty and couture. Ready-to-wear clothes, street-style, easy lounge wear and work-from-home clothes were the most frequently searched items on Google. These keywords were used for describing fast fashion. Today’s consumers are shifting towards fashion which they can wear for multiple purposes.
  • Interestingly, the big names in luxury retail started adopting streetwear. Streetwear has been growing at quite a rapid pace in the past but the pandemic seems to have accelerated consumer preferences for streetwear. Even top-notch brands like Louis Vuitton have started to incorporate street style in their apparels to attract the millennials.
  • 2020 is also associated with fashion trends popularized by influencers through social media. For instance, Louis Vuitton collaborated with the K-pop sensation BTS and even invited the band to its Fall-Winter fashion show.
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  • Sportswear saw a big demand in the recent times; people have started to wear causal tracks and sweatshirts and hoodies while working from home. Since lockdowns have shut down offices and gyms, people are now investing in sportswear to work out at their homes or to go jogging in the neighborhood. Fitness and wellness have become the new mantra in the wake of the pandemic.
  • Finally, office wear has undergone a complete metamorphosis with the pandemic. The new normal associated with a work-from-home culture has led to the rise in demand for WFH clothes. These are business casuals that are being bought by people all over the world to keep looking formal and business-like during Zoom calls and virtual conferences.  Consumers have now accepted the trend of power-dressing even at home to lift up their own spirits and stay motivated.

Fuelled by the pandemic, fashion is gradually becoming more and more simplified in terms of style and delivery. People can now find out about the latest fashion trends throughout the world and buy their favourite outfits with a few clicks, and their products will be delivered to their doorsteps faster than ever before. Earlier, fashion houses would come out with as many as 8 collections in a single year. This meant an overcrowded fashion schedule but the new shift is in favor of only 2 collections annually. This means the fashion houses will now make products for shoppers only when they know the customer will be shopping for these. Simplified collections indicate reduced wastage. Fashion trends have also become simplified; with more and more employees working from home and social distancing still being practiced, brands have started toning down styling. The shift is towards comfortable clothing and loungewear.